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Smart Cities: New York

New York’s smart city strategy centers around multiple small pilot projects. Computerworld pounded the Manhattan pavement to see how citizens are taking to the tech changes around them.

Poland prepares for smart concepts

Central and Eastern European cities need different solutions than the west. That was addressed by experts at the Smart City Forum in Pila, Poland, on the 12th of May. Should we discuss high tech street lighting when some citizens face basic problems like lack of water supply? The Wielkopolska region, which includes the cities of […]
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Why you Need a Website

Your Competition Has a Website. If you are in direct competition with another business that has a Website, they have a clear advantage – especially if they are adequately marketing their Website. Improve Your Customer Service. A Website makes it possible to provide instantly viewable information and even downloadable content. You can provide frequently asked […]

Get Your Business Booming Today!

Real Web Experts Delivering Real Results Econsultx Technologies Limited is a specialised boutique web design and social media marketing firm based in Ghana with years of experience building and marketing websites.  We focus on building websites that will help you to grow your business, by providing you with targeted sales or enquiries. We’re experts at […]
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Smart Cities: Singapore

With little land, few natural resources and an ever-growing population, Singapore needs every assist it can get from smart city technologies. Computerworld toured the city-state to see how it’s all coming together.
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